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1. Default value of “filing date range” field
     The default value of “filing date range” is “In the past year” on every search screen.
     Please note the value is changeable.

2. Limitation of liability
     Any information in English contained in the XBRL data downloadable from the list is provided for reference purpose only,
     and the accuracy of the information is not assured.
     Any information in the XBRL data which does not appear on the face of the disclosure document may only be used
     at users' own risk.

If the screen about security certificate is shown


If a screen about security certificate is shown when you access this system, you are required to configure your terminal. For information about how to configure your terminal or recommended configuration of your browser, etc., please refer to Terminal Requirement(for Viewer) Open new window. For other details of this system, please refer to guidelines listed in Operation Guides Open new window.


Simple document
You can search documents by specifying frequently-used search criteria only, which are "Document submitter / Securities issuer / Fund information", "Type of document" and "Reporting period / Submission period".
Detailed document
You can search documents by specifying more detailed search criteria such as "Category" or "Type" of industry of Document submitter / Securities issuer, in addition to the search criteria available on the Simple document search screen.


You can download a compressed file of XBRL data of disclosure documents filed within about one month.
For disclosure documents filed earlier than that, you can seach and download XBRL data on "Document Seach" page.
EDINET Taxonomy
& Code List
You can do the download of EDINET Taxonomy, EDINET Code List, Fund Code List.

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